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It is surrounded by water but it is never soaking

Hi All! We will post One Riddle everyday in November 2013. If you answer the riddle correctly, you will have the chance to win Free old school rs gold  everyday!

rsgoldore November Riddle 1

It opens to close and it closes to open.It is surrounded by water but it is never soaking. What is it?

The Correct Answer is:

A drawbridge

The Winners are:

Edvis (

Facebook User: Brian Donovan


1M RS 07 Gold or 10M RS 3 Gold

Congratulations to the Winners. Please send an email to to claim your Prize.

If you did not win this time, please do not be upset, because the New riddle is already active.

Click Here to answer the New ridde and Try to Win again!

Good Luck and Wish you Win!


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